Weekly Schedule for May 19th and 20th

The concert week is finally here!  Friday's  UYPhil/UYSO/UYJSO combined rehearsal will be in Thompson Chamber Music Hall, at the front of Gardner Hall, from 4:00 to 6:30.  The rehearsal will start with Scheherazade, until about 5:45, at which point the UYJSO will join for the last 30 to 45 minutes with the Mendelssohn.  UYJSO memebers should plan to arrive at 5:30. PLEASE BRING A MUSIC STAND.

The dress rehearsal will be Saturday from 4:30 to 6:30,  again starting with Scheherazade until about 5:45, then Mendelssohn until 6:30. The call time for UYPhil/UYSO will be 4:15 and the call time for UYJSO will be 5:30.  Students should enter through the security entrance on the southwest corner of the building.  Please give yourself time to park and walk to the hall. There will be an hour break before the 7:30 concert with light snacks in the first tier room.  Please review the dress code in the Members section.  Finally, remember there will not be a morning rehearsal the day of the concert.  Thanks again for your hard work.

The Young Composers Workshop will conlcude with a rehearsal on June 2nd and a recording session for the new works on June 3rd.  We will have parts available at Abravanel Hall the day of the concert.  

Congratulations on a great performance at the Youth Symphony Festival.  An mp3 of the performance can be downloaded at


Best of State Community Music Program Award

Congratulations to Utah Youth Symphony Orchestra who has been awarded the Best of State 2014 Community Music Program Award!

And congratulations to Utah Youth Philharmonic who has been awarded the Best of State 2015 Community Orchestra Award!

College Credit Applications For The University of Utah

Yearly Deadlines july 1 and november 1

Applications are for those who would like to receive college credit for Utah Youth participation (grades 10-12 only).

View College Credit Application Information  


Sheet Music

Sheet music is available online from the Petrucci Music Library.


It is the responsibility of each member musician, parent, and guardian to read the full handbook (click for PDF).


Dress Code


-All Black, FLOOR LENGTH skirt, dress, or dress pants

-Sleeves must go PAST elbow

-BLACK socks or nylons (not nude or tan color, no bare feet/legs below knee)

-Black dress shoes

-Modest neck line, modest jewelry (preferably black)



-Black suit or tuxedo

-White dress shirt

-Black BOW tie

-Black socks

-Black dress shoes